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I got a headache, yesterday. One of those ones that laughs in the face of OTC painkillers. I woke up with it (which really should have warned me) but I was thirsty so put it down to dehydration and carried on. By 2.30 yesterday I was laying down in the dark in my office hoping that it would subside long enough for me to not be sick.

I could function as long as I didn't walk around too much, but I also wanted fresh air to stop me feeling sick, so I compromised and walked down to Waterstones after work to buy Unseen Academicals. Then I had to sit through a talk by Jonathan Porritt (which I couldn't even close my eyes during as we were on the first row!), walk back to the car and drive home. To the comforting stash of codeine and a darkened room.

I must have drank about two litres of water, on top of my normal 6 or 7 cups of tea/decaf coffe yesterday. I've started off today with a good gulp of water and I'm now on to tea and hoping that the nausea goes soon. To Sainsburys on the way in, I think, to get some para/codeine just in case: I'm off to see Moby Dick tonight. Why don't I ever get this when I've nothing to do!

Does anybody else get migraines and, if so, do you get really thirsty with them? For years I've put these types of headache down to dehydration but I can't really see how it could have happened this weekend. It had every characteristic of the migraine headaches I used to get but with added THIRST.
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