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This weekend isn't the first I've spent on the allotment this year, but it was the most productive. Last week I popped in for an hour on Saturday to buy my spuds and do some pruning, the week before that it was three hours of clearing the redcurrant bushes.

Yesterday I arrived at about 10 a.m. (after a trip to the council tip) and dug over some ground for my onions. No shallots this year, just red and white onions. Then I threw in an early sewing of peas and mangetout BUT used some glass I had hanging around to make a temporary cloche arrangement to try and help them along. Finally I put in seeds of cabbage and sprouts in another bed. Normally I'd raise lots of things at home but as I'm not going to be here at the end of April, nor is Dad, it's straight sowing or buying young plants this year. I was most distressed to find that frogs had used the compost bag as an improvised pond and I didn't realise until I'd unfolded it and disrupted the spawn.

Finally I finished clearing the top end around the redcurrants, chopping the wood into sections for Dad to transport to his council green bin. All in all four hours of good solid work.

I'm away next weekend, then Easter and then in Florida for two weeks finally arriving back with little to do from 2nd May. Before then I need to:

  • Buy some broad bean seeds and plant them. Can you believe I haven't got any!
  • Plant my 1st earlies and maincrop. I've been chitting them for a week but nothings happened yet, I blame the cold weather.
  • Plant spinach, leeks and parsnip. The bed needed a good digging over and I'd run out of patience for it having aready done three.
  • Clear and lay paths. The paths I put down three years ago are splitting and the woodchip has disappeared.
  • Finish sorting out the space running up to the trees. Somewhere there is a gooseberry bush hiding and the weird not quite a cold frame thing.

That's more than enough for two free weekends, even with a father who retired on Wednesday.
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