Oct. 29th, 2005 07:49 am
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I can't believe Breakfast News is showing maintenance work on Big Ben. It's akin to watching paint dry.

The new, improved, not-getting-into-more-debt Angela leapt out of bed yesterday and, with but a short pause to achieve some level of respectability, got £50 out of the cashpoint to last me the rest of the week*. This is what happened...

Why I've got a fiver left. Oh, describes scenes of shopping in Netto so please do not read on if sensitive to these issues. )


Mar. 6th, 2002 01:17 pm
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I'm investing.

If I start an Egg ISA [1] with £80, I get sent a crate of wine worth £100. Apparently.
Now, I'm not convinced that the wine is worth that much money, but it's 13 bottles, so even if they are only three quid a pop, it still means that I get £39 worth of wine.

And I start a savings account, which I haven't got. I used to have a saving account, and at one point I had £5000 in it, but home-owning drained it to nothing. Then I opened a cash ISA and started investing in it, but it never really grew, as the effort of walking to the bank to put the money in usually ended in me putting the money into clothes, or CD's, or books.

Now I am earning again I think it is irresponsible for me to have no real savings at all, so I am putting my recent pay rise immediately into an on-line account, and then some of this is going to go into my ISA. That way, I will be saving and hopefully won't notice it. And then I shall have £600 I didn't have at the end of the year.

[1] Note for those of an American pursuasion. An ISA is an individual saving account designed to help you save money. It is tax free, and has an investment limit.

Lunch time

Mar. 4th, 2002 12:50 pm
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I've just scofffed the *most* quiche I have ever eaten in my life... I am Miss Piggy today. I've decided that I'm just going to stuff all my things into plastic bags and take them upstairs tonight before tomorrow. Then all I have to do is hoover and polish and the evil that is the lounge is clean. The kitchen and bathroom, however, are *gleaming*.

I've actually been quite organised this weekend. Sent off my booking form for Damn Fine, read up on the Discworld Con in August (seriously considering this), paid my electricity bill and sorted all my insurance stuff into the file. Now all I need to so is sort out all the kiddies stuff that I have hanging around.

How Boring

Jan. 31st, 2002 01:34 pm
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I'm having a really rough sort of PMSsy day today.

The bosses don't sound very hopeful about the grant, well one does and one doesn't. There is 25million pound to be shared, and 11 groups were going for the money. We asked for 5 million quid to fund research for 5 years, split between the UK and Kenya. They presented the proposal to a panel of 24 international researchers, yesterday.

The panel will make up their minds today, and we will be notified of the decision next week. Now, is it me (probably) but does 24 hours seem like not a lot of time to make a decision that could effect the jobs of 50-100 people and involve such sums?

No-one seems to be around in work, and the people who are in my office are all doing their own thing, or eating their lunch while reading papers. My computer is in a lab that has been converted into a computer room. When I say "my computer" I actually mean my computer, which makes it more annoying that since one of the other computers in the lab lost it's hard drive everyone seems to use mine. It is starting to aggravate me. And I shouted at a student today who said something negative about Liverpool.

Definitely hormonal. Maybe Kym can find me a quiz to do... what hormone are you most like?

Just looking on the Damn Fine Con site. I really need to sign up for this, but my natural inertia is stopping me, and my terrible need to spend money constantly. I'll do it this weekend... if I could pay by credit card over the net I would have done it ages ago!

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