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Someone on the group that dare not mention it's name posted a link to Squalor survivors and I found myself looking at it last night (while I was supposed to be having an early night, so that didn't work very well). It was interesting, and I thought it might be interesting for some people here who are fighting against hoarding etc. Apologies if you've already seen it and I guess I should state explicitly this isn't directed at anyone in particular (except, of course, the one person who is documenting things on a special journal :)). If you dig around there are some links and things that help you quantify your, well, degree of squalor.

At the moment I'm at 2 on the pictures, although I regularly get down to 1 but sometimes reach 4 )

EDIT: Oh, I know about flylady already. Please don't suggest it. I find it annoying.

EDIT2: So I have a plan. I'm taking the kids to Pizza Hut today but when I get home (and am listening to Radcliffe and Maconie) I'll clean the bathroom then sort out the kitchen cupboards. Anything that I haven't moved for a couple of years will have to be evaluated. Do I love/need it enough for me to keep it. If I don't need it out it goes. If I do need to keep it do I use it regularly? If the answer to that question is no it needs to go into storage. We'll move on from there...
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I can't believe it. The house actually is clean, so clean in fact that I can't believe that I let it get into the state that it was in to start with.

It smells of summer meadows. Surfaces are shiny and dust free. I can walk barefoot from the computer to the bathroom without risking a puncture wound.

I still didn't do the last two loads of washing though :)
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Haven't found any non-sweaty clothes, but have found

1) over 10 pairs of unwashed socks.
2) a book I thought I had leant to Sue and been really upset she hadn't given me back.
3) a book I hadn't given back and thought I had.
4) three stick deoderants opened and half used
5) something shrivelled up that I pray to god is an apple
6) two dead wasps and a chewed spider
7) two missing presumed dead cat-toys
8) my floor :)
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This will ramble a lot and follows on from real stuff and stuff on here...

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