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The Pet Shop Boys delivered a wonderful show. I was particularly pleased to see gold lame clad cowboys dancing to "Where The Streets Have No Name". It made a nice change to have a well behaved and polite audience, too.
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This was a birthday present for Dr C. I was never really a fan of Aztec Camera although I enjoy his solo stuff. I was a little out of step with his other fans as I sang along to the latest album but was lost with the early stuff (apart from Somewhere In My Heart, obviously). It was a well structured concert with a good support in the form of Isobelle Heyworth (support act's name spelt through guesswork) and then a steady build. Even the audience didn't completely suck although I tiny woman (not me) nearly got a round of applause from me when she turned to the men behind and said, "I didn't pay good money to listen to you talk shite. GO TO THE BAR." They did.

C appeared to be having a religious experience similar to the one I had watching Paul Simon a couple of years ago and it was, "The best birthday present anyone has ever bought me." Can't be bad.

She didn't laugh when on the way home I asked why he hadn't played, "The King of Rock and Roll."

It's windy. The cat is having an attack of weather-related insanity but I'm trying not to get annoyed even though her crying woke me up.

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