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Enteprise was am amusing homage to the antics of Captain Kirk.

And so on to CSI )
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In the County Exec I accused one of the more venerable members of guiding of swapping badges so she could sell them on ebay. Some people laughed. I think I may one day be rotting in a special hell reserved for youngsters who don't know their place.

I spent some time in work today preparing stuff to DSE assess a lab on Friday. It's as good a reason as any for my subsequent argument on another journal about free eyesight tests for computer users. Like I even care!

It's Eurovision on Saturday and every year I pretend I'm going to have a party or go out or something but instead I spend the time getting pissed at home, annoying people on IRC [1] and then phoning Caroline up to slur "Ish and outragshe" when the camp Austrian doesn't win.

CSI - Greg was wearing his boiler suit. I am a very very very sad woman. He also had some cracking lines but what are they doing to Katherine? I'm sure she never used to be so much of a slut. I didn't think they could top "plants have DNA" from the other week but I found the big pot with DNA written on the top hysterically funny this week (although nothing will ever live up to the serial dilutions of hydrogen peroxide a month or so ago. I nearly split me kecks laughing.)

[1] Remember to tell Auntie Ang the channel for this year. I'll bring champagne.

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