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who have met me will know that I have a problem with my weight. When I say problem, it is more of an issue for other people than me but, hey.

No-one gets to four stone overweight without there being some sort of trigger issue, but as my trigger issue is long dead and gone and dealt with, there is no reason for me to be still this fat.

Except for the fact that it takes tremendous will-power to starve yourself for weeks on end.

So I joined a diet club (again) and had managed to pretty much be the same weight for months. Guess what? I missed last week for the first time because I was ill and this week I had lost 5 pound.

What does that tell you about how bloody contrary I am?

Lunch time

Feb. 5th, 2002 12:21 pm
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The worst thing about being on the diet I am on is that I seem incabable of lasting more than 2 hours without eating *something*.

Got weighed last night, still hadn't lost any more weight but I'm not suprised. The cold I caught meant that I couldn't go to the gym - it also meant that preparing nutritious lunches was last on my list of priorities. Sandwich, packet of crisps and a kitkat has been my diet for at least a week.

Today I'm having baked potato, tuna and sweetcorn. And salad. There is coveting of my food going on, but luckily no-one has taken this lunch from the fridge. That happened to me twice last week, both times students. If you tackle them about it they just buy you another, but what is the point if you have already missed your lunch?

I'm bringing in weird stuff they won't touch from now on. Ha!

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