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Part of my Amazon spending splurge this week was Shopped: The Shocking Power of British Supermarkets. I like to think I already play a small part in combatting the main monopolies: I shop in Tesco maybe once or twice a year and Asda only slightly more. I do, however, almost exlusively buy in Sainsburys which I guess is just as bad.

There's no local small shops left for me to buy good quality meat fish and veg in. The nearest we have is a couple of market-stalls in Liverpool city centre but it's hard to get in the habit of a 40 min walk at lunchtime for my veg (although given my whinging about not getting any exercise perhaps I should put the time in). Every so often I cross the path of the Farmer's market and each time I do I make a note to get the dates and make sure I catch up with them again. This morning, after reading the intro to Shopped, I decided to note on my diary about when the Sat or Sunday markets are. It turns out that I've missed every single local market I can find as they sit on the first/third Sat/Sun of the month. It also means I miss every market until September because I'm away at the weekend.

I think God doesn't want me to eat white pudding.

Lunch time

Mar. 4th, 2002 12:50 pm
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I've just scofffed the *most* quiche I have ever eaten in my life... I am Miss Piggy today. I've decided that I'm just going to stuff all my things into plastic bags and take them upstairs tonight before tomorrow. Then all I have to do is hoover and polish and the evil that is the lounge is clean. The kitchen and bathroom, however, are *gleaming*.

I've actually been quite organised this weekend. Sent off my booking form for Damn Fine, read up on the Discworld Con in August (seriously considering this), paid my electricity bill and sorted all my insurance stuff into the file. Now all I need to so is sort out all the kiddies stuff that I have hanging around.
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They stole my yogurts yesterday...

The time has come for desperate measures. I shall be bringing in Scouse. For those of an american pursuasion, Scouse is a thick stew of lamb potatoes and carrots. When made properly, it constituent ingredients should be barely recognisable and spoons should be able to stand up *on* it.


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