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How good was the party I went to? I have no idea because I got so wasted that I can't remember anything past about 11 o'clock. I remember walking home with Polly at 4 am, and then throwing up in her bathroom.

I have no idea why I do things like this. I still have the cough that I have had for over a week, so maybe that was part of the problem. Most of yesterday I spent asleep of coughing until I was sick again. Then I got a call of a friend who had accidently deleted a folder in OE and wanted it back. Does anyone know how I can get OE to read it again, I've rescued the file from the trash, but Outlook won't read it.
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I haven't been out drinking for a long time.

Actually, that isn't true, I have been out but only to the local pubs. Last night I went out clubbing for the first time in months. I'm very choosy about where I go for a night out. I'm not into any sort of dance or recreational drug use, so places like Cream are out. I don't go out every week to try and pull a bloke, so that removes another large group of clubs in Liverpool, within which heavily suntanned women wear small pieces of string on their breasts. I like cheesy pop tunes and any pop music from the 50's onward. I will dance to Elvis, I will dance to The Nolans, I will dance to Kylie. I like to dance, badly, to anything I know all the words to.

I used to go to a club called "The Blue Angel" in Liverpool. It is pretty much a student club, but in the past few years the people I went with have moved away, we have all gradually got older, and all gradually got poorer. Last night I went to "The Krazy House". Now, I used to go to this club when I was a lot younger, and going through my grungy phase. I refused to go for a long time but a combination of drink and boredom led to me relenting last night. Which lead to me getting home after 3 am this morning. Which led to me waking up at 7 o'clock this morning feeling like my tongue was Ryvita.

So now I feel awful, I'm seperated from my car and so can't do my shopping and hoping that no-one calls here for me and expects me to be helpful. And I'm baby-sitting at 4. Oh yes, and last night when I got in I microwaved a chicken quarter that I had cooked in Tikka sauce for my tea tonight, so at 9 am I had to clean curry sauce from the inside of the microwave and all the way down the side of the kitchen unit and the floor.

I might go back to bed for an hour.

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