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Apparently I am most similar to Mill and then the Epicureans according to this poll..
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Last book you read:
K-PAX by Gene Brewer. Just started "The Plague" by Albert Camus. I've decided that I can't just continue re-reading all the books I already have and I need to start reading more, so I bought four books in a two-for-one offer.

Last movie you saw: Erm, the last one I sat all the way through was Sweet Charity Saturday before last.

Last movie you saw on the big screen:
It was "Mean Machine" with Vinny Jones. Very poor. Haven't had time to go to the cinema since, although there is *loads* I want to see.

Last phone number you called: Caroline's mobile to with her happy birthday.

Last show you watched on TV: I watched the video of Pop Idol from Saturday last night. The last show that I sat and watched properly was... erm... I don't actually watch that much telly. Possibly the Curling on Thursday night!

Last song you heard: I have no idea what it is, but it's from the Album of thw Week on the Ken Bruce show. It might be Jewel.

Last thing you had to drink: Instant coffee three hours ago. I need a drink, thanks for reminding me.

Last thing you ate: Two pieces of toast, at 9.30 am IN THE MORNING :)

Last time you showered: Yesterday, because I didn't have time this morning.

Last time you cried: Saturday last but one. Over an envelope that didn't fit a card. I had flu at the time.

Last time you smiled: About two minutes ago.

Last time you laughed: Last night while reading the Australian olympic coverage. I must dig out the url. Search for Ice Dream on google. It's superb.

Last person you hugged: You won't believe this, the woman at the slimming club hugged me on Monday :-O

Last thing you said: "Hey everyone, Spike Milligan is dead."

Last person you talked to online: Kym and AJR last night on IRC

Last person you talked to on the phone: Someone who had rung for someone else in work about 1/2 an hour ago.

Last thing you smelled: Cleaning fluid this morning as I tidied the comp lab.
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Who's your Fellowship fella?

Crap. I'm a widow.


Feb. 3rd, 2002 09:36 pm
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I just looked at my pre-date questionnaire and both the blokes who answered it failed it. It was only three questions, how hard can that be!
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Here's my pre-date quiz:

1) A what?
2) Like a date?
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that is the only live quiz thing I'm going to stick on my page. A web quiz called me weird. Bastard

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