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Work was, well, pretty eventful today. At 1.20 pm we where all evacuated due to a fire alarm ( student had set fire to a litter bin). When I got back to the lab (I had evacuated myself to the coffee bar, well, it was lunch time) the lab were all engrossed by a scene out of the window. All I saw was the backside of a university security guard disappearing into the distance, but apparently he was giving chase to a robber along with two of the uni shop staff. This was around 2.30 pm.

Eventually we say the staff return, seemingly searching the ground and the trees. Then one of them looked over into the railway (the main line into liverpool passes under our feet and we have a number of vents and tunnels) turned to another, and they wandered up to the side of the road. Then the security guards returned.

About 10-15 minutes later the police turned up, and all looked over the bridge. Then a lot more police turned up. Then an ambulance turned up, then the ambulance left.

"Heck" thought my lab, "He's had a weapon and threw it on the track to hide it." We didn't think for a moment that the university security staff would have been able to catch him.

Anyway, after about half an hour a police woman turns up in our lab, asking if we had seen anything happen outside. Anthea immediately asks "What are you all looking at?" The officer replies that there is a "body on the track, although at the moment he is still alive."

So we all give statements, and then the CID turn up. Did we see who was being chased? Did we see anyone by the bridge? Did we see anything else unusual?

Anyway, the upshot is that he is still alive. And stable according to the news. Reading between the lines, it seems he jumped when he was being chased, and didn't realise how far down it was. I wonder, with the amount of police interest, if he claims he was pushed? I don't know but it is weird.


Feb. 4th, 2002 04:00 pm
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We have just been interviewed by the police. We may have just witnessed events that relate to a man falling to his death. More news later

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