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Closest answer gets mystery Disney gift if I actually make it out.


Oct. 6th, 2009 06:39 pm
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I've been to Octocon. I was lucky to get there in 2006 and meet Frank Darcy who I'd only really known online before then. It was an interesting experience and one that I'd like to repeat, but possibly not right at this moment.

Badly Done, as they say.

EDIT: Auntie Ang says: Remember, you can't kill everyone.

EDIT2: I'm linking to the joint statement published on [ profile] slovobooks blog about the matter here for completeness. What I will say that this poll was always about confirming how I believed most fans I knew would behave in similar circumstances.
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Poll brought to you by general musing over Lift Allowance and if we count working as when we walk into the building as opposed to when we turn up in the office. For example, I'll quite often be at work for 10-15 minutes before I get to my desk due to random queries in the corridor. At which point general thoughts on transport came into the conversation.
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I've spent less money than I expected last month and if I spend what I expect on my holiday I'll have a little bit of extra cash to spend next month. I'm thinking of finally getting a new gaming console.

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"The average british woman spends 16 hours doing housework" claimed this show. I wonder how true this is of my friends. Please include all chores (cleaning, washing, etc) and cooking including packed lunches for yourself, kids etc.

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