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Spoilers for this year )

I caught up with Merlin today. It's.. okay. Not as cringingly bad as Robin Hood was in points but also not as good, either. It's quite obviously solely marketed to kids and as such I'm not sure how long I can stick with it. I'm afraid Anthony Head alone isn't enough totty to keep me tuning in.
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Wasn't Robin Hood LAME! And not in a good way. On to the important Saturday night show.

Spoilers because I know some people have SCD on tape. )


Dec. 10th, 2005 10:00 pm
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Roll on the final.
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Strictly Come Dancing thoughts under the cut.

wha wha WHAT! )
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I have been and done stuff which, if I had the energy, I would write about at length but luckily for you I just want to crawl under a fluffy duvet until tomorrow.

Today was Harry Potter day and I thought the film was good but deary me, poor Dan. He's starting to look like he's shrinking. His acting isn't getting any better either. I couldn't sit in my designated seat because some kind soul had poured what I PRAY was lager over it. I sat to the side but a sold out cinema and sod's law meant I had to move just as the show was going to start. This turned out to be for the best as Caroline reported that the girl I would have spent the showing next to played with her mobile phone for the duration. Still we have free tickets for a showing of Mrs Henderson tomorrow. This features the delightful Will Young, as did Strictly Come Dancing tonight, my thoughts on which are under here. )
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Dinner tonight was two courses that were not only edible but almost delicious even. Steamed chicken was a lot nicer than I expected and had the added bonus of producing a nice stock for soup. Enough of this drivel. You want to hear how I feel about tonights Strictly Come Dancing.

Why why why won't you die* Fiona. )

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