Oct. 29th, 2005 07:49 am
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I can't believe Breakfast News is showing maintenance work on Big Ben. It's akin to watching paint dry.

The new, improved, not-getting-into-more-debt Angela leapt out of bed yesterday and, with but a short pause to achieve some level of respectability, got £50 out of the cashpoint to last me the rest of the week*. This is what happened...

Why I've got a fiver left. Oh, describes scenes of shopping in Netto so please do not read on if sensitive to these issues. )
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While I was shouting "Leave the kids on stage, make Mariah leave" on Saturday Dad was finding out about the local allotments for me. I can have a guided tour at any time I like and Dad's contact is quite enthusiastic about it. There's a plot that "needs a lot of work" free at the moment but there's a worked plot that is coming free at the end of the season which might be better for me, particularly as another person is interested in it and has been muttering about only taking half a plot. I'm a bit worried by this because I can already forecast my perceived neglegence making him mutter about the effect on his crops.

I'm giving the LJ collective another opportunity to make my mind up for me. Bear in mind I may well ignore you completely as I've no idea of what I want to do.

[Poll #525555]
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I'm normally up then, of course, but tomorrow I bet I struggle.

I've made my packed lunch. I've packed my bag (I even remember to pack the train tickets). I'm not taking soap and the like. I'll take a chance on the hotel soap for one night. Caroline has rung and they have *assured* her they will hold the room until we can check in after the concert. So that's okay then.

Tentative steps have been made toward allotment ownership. I rung the council guy who couldn't give me many details as the local plots are run by co-operatives. The closest one to me (over the road from the Brownies, actually, and a 10 minute walk at most) is currently undergoing reorganisation and so he couldn't give me a number however I've contact details from one another 15 mins further away than that. Before I ring I'm going to allow Dad to exercise his contacts. I'm hoping I can get half of one to start off with.

I'm not going to make any commitments until I've thought a bit more about the work involved. Reading around websites it seems to involve constant work and tending but I'm trying to comfort myself that these are really top-level allotmenters (?) and I won't be up at 2 am seeding marrow. Or whatever.

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