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Caucasian Chalk Circle at the Everyman last night. Interesting play, mostly good cast, but an annoying narrator and an approach to sound levels that meant that he was far too loud while we couldn't hear most of the rest of the cast. I wanted to know what happened at the end but we decided that for the sake of our sanity (and our eardrums) we'd google it when we got home rather than sit through another hour. Maybe if I hadn't had the week I'd had, Caroline hadn't been working away most days and we hadn't had quite so much to eat before we got there our patience wouldn't have exhausted so easily. I'm rather sad that we left but I think I'd have been more annoyed if we'd stayed.

Unsurprisingly I have a headache today.
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I keep forgetting to put this in...

Theatre (and Music) dates until Xmas. )

Hmm. Seem to be doing a lot of Tuesday nights this year which is unusual. Mitchell and Webb is a Wednesday which means I should make some sort of alternative arrangement for Brownies. Plus there is this special Barrowman Alert! which could see me in Cardiff at some point. It might be nice to book this for my Birthday, actually.
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Tuesday night was The Cut with Sir Gandalf the Wise and Thursday was The Imposter.

The Cut )

The Imposter )

This week at the theatre has revealed how far apart The Echo and I are in our taste. I doubt the latest reviewer watched the same play as me - he certainly didn't get the character right in the article I read.
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Jan 16th - Season's Greetings
Feb 13th - Billy Liar
Feb 14th - Yellowman
Feb 21st - The Escapologist
Mar 7th - Jane Eyre (Shared Experience Production)
Mar 14th - Mammals
Mar 23rd - Hedda Gabler
Mar 27th - Unprotected
Apr 4th - Visible
Apr 18th - The Cut (A Donmar tourer with Sir Ian McKellen!)
Apr 20th - The Impostor.
Apr 29th - Henry VI, Edward IV and Richard III all in one day. Only doing this because it's Northern Broadsides who I love.
May 8th - Paradise Bound
May 15th - Lady of Leisure
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It was theatre time last night and a peformance of The Tempest. It was a struggle. I have a basic knowledge of the play (there's a magician and a fairy named after washing powder and a storm) and so I needed a much clearer reading of the text than we got. The problems were two-fold.
1) A lot of the speech was lost either because the diction was unclear or because background noise on stage got in the way. This was particularly bad in the opening scene when I hardly had an idea what was said. Miranda was practically incomprehensible.
2) We appeared to sharing the theatre with a coach-load of bird flu sufferers. Now, I have every sympathy for a individual struck by a coughing fit in the theatre. I myself was appalling when watching A Few Good Men. However I did something about it (and if it hadn't worked I'd have taken myself out for the second half) and there was only me. Last night it appeared that half the audience were dying of TB which meant an already struggling narrative was further lost. It was so bad that we were treated to some suitable ad-libbing, "Prithee stand farther back... and stop coughing."

This present season started well with School for Scandal but Translations didn't really impress me and this was a disappointment too. I'm not holding out much hope for Bronte next week but at least I have Cooking with Elvis in November to look forward to.
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I'll not be writing anything here that will significantly spoil the play (as I'll only quote stuff already on public record) but as some of you will probably see it on it's London run I'll cut itThis is really very good. I bought the programme, unusual for me, which turns out to contain the full text of the play. )

I saw Talking to Terrorists at Liverpool Everyman Theatre. It's at The Royal Court, London, from 30th June.
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It's been a funny old day. I managed to buy a t-shirt and underwear in Matalan in the wrong size, collected the brother and family from the airport, volunteered to occupy my niece and nephew tomorrow while Sue tackled the washing mountain and arranged post-Who drinkies. All this before setting off for the theatre.

Chimps was originally the last of our theatre run and once again the tickets were bought as part of the multi-buy deal - the others being Faustus, Port Authority, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf and The Morris. Most of the Made In Liverpool season have played to a fairly packed house but Chimps was half-empty and actually emptied out while it went on. This was, I'm afraid, a bad-language thing again.

The thing was... this wasn't actually that bad. It was certainly better than the attendance and slow decline would have you believe. The plot is quite interesting - a young couple are visited by door-to-door salesmen who slowly prise apart their relationship. The acting was actually rather good. There was quite a lot of humour. There wasn't *that* much profanity. Sadly I thought it lacked a lot in the character development - we where presented with four extremes of type but with no indication how they had got there - and I also found it dated.

So. Next week is Talking To Terrorists which is in Liverpool for a week before it's month long stint in London. I'm looking forward to it but will be packing my hankies.
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I go to "Sing-A-Long-A-Abba" at the Theatre tonight in full fancy dress I'll try and get a photo for you all.
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Thoroughly enjoyed myself this evening. A visit to the theatre to see and adaptation of "Notes From a Small Island".

If this tours by you, make every effort to see it. It is really amusing. I laughed so much that my cough is back with avengence.
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I've just been to the most godawful show at the theatre. Two hours of Susanna York wittering on about "The loves of Shakespeare's women". Not even finely analysed, just random bits of plays strung together by some theatre anecdotes and a couple of "love... is just like hate" meanderings.

Even Caroline considered leaving.

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