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We got a memo in work yesterday. All leave is cancelled except in special circumstances from September to Christmas. So, I can't decide if I want to take all my leave in the next few months and just accept that I wont find another job, or hang on to it incase I leave and want to take my holiday out of my month notice.
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The help desk staff finally told me the dat file to delete to get my mail back :)
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Just received...
Your query has been logged on our incident reporting system as no.

Please expect a response within 8-working hours.

Thank you.

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The following is an exchange that has happened between me and the computing helpdesk today. I would be grateful if people could tell me if I don't express myself well, or if the comp sci staff just assume that everyone is an idiot.

We start at the top with my most recent reply, and the bottom is my original post.

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Today started off well. I was asked to collect an order from a shopping centre near me. This meant that I didn't have to be in till later (although I spent the first 20 mins of the day in Dixons). Actually, the visit to Dixons was quite cool, I had to collect a palm pilot. I've never really seen one up close before, but now I want one.

Anyway, I arrived 45 minutes after everyone else. Which was nice - everyone had been stood outside in the rain for 40 minutes in a fire alarm.


Anyway, when I got in I rearranged the web page a bit, and then I considered doing some mouse database stuff. Harry then sidetracked me to install access on his machine. I couldn't do it, all the network connections where fugged and it didn't believe I was an administrator. Eventually we got the net admin to come and have a look. Meanwhile I was side-tracked by a meeting with someone who wanted to a sequencer that I'm the expert with. It didn't go well because the person she had initially spoke to didn't give her all the information she needed.

On to the rest of the day. I read through the paper and devised a protocol that would work. Then I tried to install office again.
Still didn't work, drive not reconised.

I went for lunch. Over lunch we discussed the naming of the new Bioscience labs we are meant to move into. I'd suggested (as a joke) the George Harrison building a few weeks ago. Now it is being seriously proposed and I feel quite chuffed about it. Then the discussion spread to other potential celebrities.

The Cilla Black Foundation
The Ken Dodd Research Centre
The Barry Grant Building

We quite liked the idea of it being launched by Cilla Black, with three of the professors taking part in a Blind Date contest.

Anyway, after lunch it was time to try and install access, I mean, how hard can it be! It still didn't work, and now we had decided that it was a disk problem (note to smartarses reading, yes we should have checked that first, but the other problems we discovered were real too!) and I was sent over to computer science for a new disk.

Which was as difficult as you can imagine.

My hard-won disk in hand I returned, to try and install it again. No joy, again. The next set of disks were also corrupt. A cynical person would believe that the CSD person had just handed the same disks back to me again.

By now it was 3.30 and I had no intention of wandering over the road again, so I popped upstairs to the net admin. In return for me getting his Excel chart to print in the required size, he confessed that he had Access on a disk all the time. I took this and installed it.

I'm just wondering what to do with the crap ones. Do I feel justified in throwing them out of the window? Or do I preserve the 1.00 that Harry paid for them. Should I demand my money back?

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The research group I am with at the moment got the grant they applied for. Some parts of the research has been cut, they only want them to concentrate on a single parasite species for instance. Three people have secure jobs for 5 years here, and in science, as in so many other things, money leads to money. It may well be that they get additional grants based on this.

So, celebration dinner tomorrow night for the group. I don't know if I can make it, due to taking the kids out on Saturday. I'll have to try.

Lunch time

Feb. 5th, 2002 12:21 pm
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The worst thing about being on the diet I am on is that I seem incabable of lasting more than 2 hours without eating *something*.

Got weighed last night, still hadn't lost any more weight but I'm not suprised. The cold I caught meant that I couldn't go to the gym - it also meant that preparing nutritious lunches was last on my list of priorities. Sandwich, packet of crisps and a kitkat has been my diet for at least a week.

Today I'm having baked potato, tuna and sweetcorn. And salad. There is coveting of my food going on, but luckily no-one has taken this lunch from the fridge. That happened to me twice last week, both times students. If you tackle them about it they just buy you another, but what is the point if you have already missed your lunch?

I'm bringing in weird stuff they won't touch from now on. Ha!


Feb. 1st, 2002 02:08 pm
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Just got back from lunch and there is shit everywhere. Grrr
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I've forgotten my unix book, damn. I can never remember all the commands and now I can't update my web page. Sod. Time-management plan ruined by lack of object management.

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I came into work early this morning to write my livejournal entry, and then found that the lab was such a mess I cleaned for 20 minutes. The worst part was finding that the kettle was full of murky brown water. Either the element is rusty, or someone has taken to peeing in it overnight. I prefer option one, but Harry thinks that option two is more plausible (this points to disturbing facts about his youth, which he refuses to divulge).

I've stopped now.

I'm in disgrace at home because I woke Caroline up this morning assuming she would be late for work. Turns out she was having the day working from home. It was not a good move, as there is nothing worse than an irate 6 foot tall woman with a cold who has been roused from a good sleep. I received a "dark look", and believe me it fair chilled my bones.

Today I'm sorting out a sort of time-management time plan for the month. I have about 5 projects on the go, none of which I have finished. Two of them are farily easy to complete, in fact one of them just needs a line drawing under it. I've been getting far too distracted by other stuff and starting new projects that I shouldn't really be doing at all. Then I get involved. Then I forget what I was doing. Then six days later someone asks me how I am getting on and I have completely forgotten what I am supposed to be doing in the first place. Part of time-management is knowing when it will be a good day to sort out what you are supposed to be doing.

Anyway, this is not a professional attitude and does not look good on my CV. Which I must update at some time.

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