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Brownie day out to Camelot yesterday. [1] Luckily the nasty weather stayed away all day despite the dire predictions of the weather forecasters. The highlight of the day, and I'm using the word highlight as "thing most likely to be told to parents when they ask the child how the day went", was the sight of a poor unfortunate pony in the petting zoo seemingly miscarrying a foal. I think I managed to distract them from trying to get me to explain what has happened with the sight of baby goats but I'm expecting more questions after half term.

[1] Use it before you lose it. Camelot is due to close in a couple of years due to a lack of demand. Another North West Amusement park goes down the pan.
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With a mere 10 minutes to spare I can make a passable balloon dog...
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A new addition to our Brownie first aid kit is a needle and thread as yesterday we had a pants disaster. Luckily the young girl had tights on underneath and wasn't too upset but she had to be pinned up until Dad arrived with a needle and cotton.

It's amazing what you end up taking with you through a combination of age and experience. There's the plasters, of course, the tissues and the rest of the normal first aid stuff (bandages, wipes, scissors). Then you bring a bottle of water and some cups because there is always a girl who needs a drink and the plastic bags without any holes in. Now I've added the needle and cotton and I'm seriously considering adding in a complete change of clothes! And all this is just for a day trip!

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Jun. 23rd, 2005 08:23 pm
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Brownie who left reappeared last night. She's been "promoted" to a different team and her practice time is an hour earlier and so she came to ask if she could come back. I told her yes, but she wasn't getting the chocolates back because I'd 'et 'em.
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Well hello there!

Brownies went well tonight. We managed to get everything done, and another mystery child turned up. We've gone from 12 kids to 18 in just 4 weeks and I've had to put a stop to it now. Caroline and myself can't cope with numbers over 16 :)

The meeting was okay last night. The house was clean, and no-one screamed in horror as dust engulfed them. There wasn't enough seats for everyone but you can't have everything. It was over by 9.30 so I buggered off to the pub. I still haven't done the dishes, so it's nice to see the house slowly descending back into the mire.
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Well, okay not really.

8 pm. Return from Brownies. Caroline gets microwave (don't ask) from car.
9.40 pm. Knock on door. Next door neighbour tells me that the boot is open. I close boot
10.20 ish pm. I go to bed.
10.50 pm. Phone Call. It is my other neighbour ringing to tell me I've locked her cat in my car.
10.51 pm. Stood outside the house pissing myself laughing at stupid cat pressed up against inside of car.
10.55 pm. Go back to bed.

No wonder I never sleep.

Pop Idol

Feb. 10th, 2002 12:49 pm
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I know. It's childish. I spent a lot of time yesterday arguing with the Brownies about who would win Pop Idol.

I'm awfully pleased that Will did, as I have the opportunity to be smug and self-satisfied all through the meeting on Wednesday.

It's a tragic turn of events when you derive pleasure from outsmarting 8 year old girls :)
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I've just been tapdancing in the kitchen. If I did that for 20 mins every day I would be stick-thin.

Okay the rest of my stuff is on a link....

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So, it's the first day of my "livejournal". I've done a few things, downloaded the client, messed with the color scheme (I don't like it)

We started a Rainbow pack at the School tonight. Rainbows are junior brownies, and as cute as hell. The woman who is doing it is freaked out because a woman was obviously lying about the age of her daughter to get her in.

Why would you do that? Who would do that. I was called in to talk to the parent and gave her the "Rules are for your childs protection" but Idon't think it helped.

Why? It's just really mad. If she lies about her daughters age and god-forbid, something happens she loses all rights to claim redress. Mad. And doesn't she realise how different a four year old and a five year old react with strangers.

My voluntary work is more stressful than my job.

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