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Dad came with me and I pointed at stuff and, well, didn't do much.

Lifted the onions who had finally died down. They are now in the greenhouse drying off.
Collected a bag of spuds for home. Dad lifted the teddies while I was away but these are the scabby desiree that need eating.
Courgettes. Um. Went a bit wild so two are composted but I've brought some home.
Tomatoes. HUGE NUMBERS. I'm going to make a tomato sauce tomorrow with some but I've still loads on the vine. I don't think the rest are going to do it on their own so I'm putting the green ones on the window sill.
Cucumbers. One in the fridge.
Cabbage. Eaten by something. Don't know what went on there.

Jobs for the weekend when I am no longer feeling so fragile:

Replanting leeks.
Trimming down the leafy veg.
Working out what to do with the fennel.
Autumn rasperries: I'm going to strip these in batches and freeze to make jam.
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Things I need to do: )

Oooh, light-en-ing! And FUNDER.

I get the BBC good food email which is cheaper and more useful than buying Olive (although it took me about ten issues to work that out). Last week was the courgette special, useful at this time of year. I cooked the lasagne earlier in the week (and very nice it was too) but was intrigued by the courgette cake and decided to do some baking.

I know. I do get embarassed by this when I look at all the fantastic cooks on my friends list. Perhaps you should look away now.

I grated the courgettes in the morning and in shifts. My RSI is better but not completely cleared (have now developed tennis elbow in my left arm because I've been compensating, *sigh*). The recipe said ten minutes to prepare and fifty to cook but I was smart and doubled the prep time because I know what I'm like. Mixing flour, cocoa powder, mixed spice and salt. Fine. Mixing olive oil, eggs, sugar, vanilla essense and courgettes, not so much. I put the bowl with the eggs and oil on the scale and added the sugar straight in. It came out as a block and meant there was a splash and a scattering so me, and the scale, and the counter-top, became a bit sticky. At least it was under the weight I needed. Then the courgettes meant that the mix was a bit... traditionally built.

I folded it in to the dry ingredients, no problem, lined the cake tin and put the mix in. It was then I remembered that hazelnuts were mentioned so I tipped them in and gave it a little stir. Into the oven with you.

After about half an hour I realised that the hazelnuts should have been chopped.

After another ten minutes I stuck a knife in to see how the cake was doing. It smelled lovely but was raw inside.

I gave it ten more. Still raw.

Ten more. Still raw.

At this point I began to wonder. Although comments said that many people left it for nearer and hour than 40 minutes I'd expected it to be sticky by now at least. I rechecked the temperature. Yes, I am a muppet and I'd set the oven at the temp for a fan oven, not my normal gas oven. I raised the temperature then got involved in the sort of silly internet discussion that means you forget about your cake until you smell burning.

So: I've cut the top off and iced it. It feels fairly heavy and looks it but I'm loathe to throw it out (having spent nearly £6 on ingredients to use up three courgettes) so I'm going to take it into work. It's got chocolate on, after all, and I work with people who can't resist anything for free. Even if there's a danger of choking.

EDIT: My cake box has spices in so I've put it on a plate with carboard round and covered it in tinfoil. *I can hardly lift it*. OOOO boy.

It does NOT look like the cake illustrated here:
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I had fun with this last time. I'm going to publicise it far and wide. Non-LJ account holders can join but will only get the summary posts as I'll filter the rest. LJ members will go on a filter (if not on current friendslist I'll add you as long as I know you or someone I know knows you) with daily match announcements and report.

[Poll #1575730]

Oh, if not on LJ you'll probably have to send me an email.. lister AT liv DOT ac DOT uk with worldcup in the subject line should make it through.
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As previously mentioned the plan this year was to miss early sowings of most things and concentrate on buying plants once the holiday was over.

Plan in disarray. I should be on holiday now but I'm not going until the 6th May, incidentally the weekend that I would have been planting tomatoes etc. I've done most of the jobs that I planned before the holiday (didn't finish the paths due to stuff).

It helps that this year is a pretty bad year in terms of early sowing. Right up until last weekend there has been a danger of frost and I'm not convinced that is over. I don't think that anything I'd planted would have done well anyway. But I'm going today to finish the paths and put in the root veg I've not bothered planting.
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[Poll #1551514]

Closest answer gets mystery Disney gift if I actually make it out.
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Candidate   Shields   Spencer   Hold Over Funds   No Pref Total
No. of votes    53 37 0 10100

James Shields is selected as the GUFF delegate for 2010 and will attend Aussiecon4 in Melbourne, 2-6th September

Thank you to both candidates for standing. The final numbers really do not do justice to just how close it was. Right up until late Sunday the numbers in the UK were neck-and-neck. Two lovely people who it was difficult to choose between (is this one of the highest no preference tallies?). I'd also like to thank the nominators and the voters for such generous donations to the cause - voting raised over £500 in the UK. Full details are available on the GUFF website:

I also wonder if this is the first race where the losing candidate has had to try and stop the administrator bursting into tears...
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More Balls 5 is available to download. I can print and bring copies to Eastercon (from Thursday which is the putative printer delivery date).

More Balls 5

(Balls 1-4 are all linked from

Voting is still open for GUFF and will be until the Monday after Easter. I will have ballots at Eastercon but if you want to vote befor then via paypal the form is here. This morning I finally returned the votes from the Sheffield jury (which had been in a secure fannish location awaiting my verification). The voting is fascinating, I have to say. Doug Spencer [ profile] dougs has published a fanzine (which I will link to as soon as I have a url) and James Shields has been writing online about it at [ profile] lostcarpark.

I've realised that I've not written anything about my holiday anywhere so I'm probably going to write something else before Easter but that is going to be even more perzine than usual and probably not be Balls. IYSWIM. Plus I have all these letters of comment to write for fanzines...
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This weekend isn't the first I've spent on the allotment this year, but it was the most productive. Last week I popped in for an hour on Saturday to buy my spuds and do some pruning, the week before that it was three hours of clearing the redcurrant bushes.

Yesterday I arrived at about 10 a.m. (after a trip to the council tip) and dug over some ground for my onions. No shallots this year, just red and white onions. Then I threw in an early sewing of peas and mangetout BUT used some glass I had hanging around to make a temporary cloche arrangement to try and help them along. Finally I put in seeds of cabbage and sprouts in another bed. Normally I'd raise lots of things at home but as I'm not going to be here at the end of April, nor is Dad, it's straight sowing or buying young plants this year. I was most distressed to find that frogs had used the compost bag as an improvised pond and I didn't realise until I'd unfolded it and disrupted the spawn.

Finally I finished clearing the top end around the redcurrants, chopping the wood into sections for Dad to transport to his council green bin. All in all four hours of good solid work.

to do list for the next few weeks )
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I decided this morning to try and think of ten bad habits to break and ten good habits to develop. Then I decided I might go for a list of three each instead and aim to strike one off each month and add a new one, meaning ten over a year. So to start me off...

I, Angela Rosin will )
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If you are planning to stand for GUFF then nominations are due to close at midnight (GMT) on Friday 13th November. The candidates are due to be announced at some point during Sunday 15th November.

If you have been thinking about standing and have been umming and ahhing about it then you really do need to contact me before Friday. It is a wonderful opportunity and I would hate for you to miss it because you thought you had lots more time. Also: I can delay the announcement if I have good reason (i.e someone did want to stand but hadn't heard back from a nominator in time) BUT ONLY IF YOU TELL ME. for GUFF race communication, please. More details on the website:
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I got a headache, yesterday. One of those ones that laughs in the face of OTC painkillers. I woke up with it (which really should have warned me) but I was thirsty so put it down to dehydration and carried on. By 2.30 yesterday I was laying down in the dark in my office hoping that it would subside long enough for me to not be sick.

I could function as long as I didn't walk around too much, but I also wanted fresh air to stop me feeling sick, so I compromised and walked down to Waterstones after work to buy Unseen Academicals. Then I had to sit through a talk by Jonathan Porritt (which I couldn't even close my eyes during as we were on the first row!), walk back to the car and drive home. To the comforting stash of codeine and a darkened room.

I must have drank about two litres of water, on top of my normal 6 or 7 cups of tea/decaf coffe yesterday. I've started off today with a good gulp of water and I'm now on to tea and hoping that the nausea goes soon. To Sainsburys on the way in, I think, to get some para/codeine just in case: I'm off to see Moby Dick tonight. Why don't I ever get this when I've nothing to do!

Does anybody else get migraines and, if so, do you get really thirsty with them? For years I've put these types of headache down to dehydration but I can't really see how it could have happened this weekend. It had every characteristic of the migraine headaches I used to get but with added THIRST.
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Today I was going to update my allotment diary with the news that the season, for me, was officially over [1] and from now on it was tidying up and looking after the winter crops. Unfortunately we got to the plot to find the main gate had it's lock cut off and as we rounded the corner we could see the smoking ruins of our neighbour's sheds. The two allotments opposite. Dad went off to knock for Harry to let him know what had happened. People gathered and events were put together: fire engines were heard at 3 a.m. and I reckon they'd got one one plot and set fire to that shed and it had spread to the next.

No casualties apart from a potato and onion harvest, some locks and the fence between the plots (as that's how the firemen got through). I've taken my spare tools off the plot just in case they've got the taste for it.

[1] Courgettes pulled up last week, cucumbers this week. There's a few hopeful tomatoes still in the greenhouse but the main stuff is gone.
Oct. 6th, 2009 06:39 pm


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[Poll #1467311]

I've been to Octocon. I was lucky to get there in 2006 and meet Frank Darcy who I'd only really known online before then. It was an interesting experience and one that I'd like to repeat, but possibly not right at this moment.

Badly Done, as they say.

EDIT: Auntie Ang says: Remember, you can't kill everyone.

EDIT2: I'm linking to the joint statement published on [ profile] slovobooks blog about the matter here for completeness. What I will say that this poll was always about confirming how I believed most fans I knew would behave in similar circumstances.
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[Poll #1465454]

Poll brought to you by general musing over Lift Allowance and if we count working as when we walk into the building as opposed to when we turn up in the office. For example, I'll quite often be at work for 10-15 minutes before I get to my desk due to random queries in the corridor. At which point general thoughts on transport came into the conversation.
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GUFF is the Going Under (or Get Up and Over) Fan Fund and transports Fans from Europe to Australasia (and vice versa). Nominations are now open for the Southbound race to transport an European fan (or fans) to Aussiecon 4 the 68th World Science Fiction Convention in Melbourne, Australia.

If you wish to stand please contact me at the postal or email address below. You will need three European and two Australasian nominators, a 100 word platform as well as a bond of £15 (25 AUD). If you wish to stand and are unsure about how to go about getting any of these things, what the fund pays for or the duties of a GUFF delegate then feel free to contact me in confidence at the email address below.

Nominations are open until the Friday before Novacon 39 (13th November) and candidates will be announced on the Sunday (15th November). Voting will then run until the Monday of Eastercon 2010.

Please disseminate widely.

Ang Rosin
post: 26 Hermitage Grove, Bootle, Merseyside, L20 6DR, UK.
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If you are considering Aussiecon next year and haven't yet got a membership there is a rate rise on 1st September. GB attending will move from £100 to £140.

Details here:

I have just joined. Well, a girl can dream.
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The weather this year has produced a surprise in the amount of produce I've had relatively early. I guess that for the past few weeks most of my vegetables have come from the allotment which is a big contrast to last year when hardly any did. The strawberries are actually finished which is odd.

I've been in touch with the council about dealing with the Eucalyptus (or whatever it is) which is being very badly behaved. I've finally got some yellow courgettes after them being etted last year. I've cracked the successional sowing and even remembered the brassicas. My early potatoes looked distressed a few weeks ago so I pulled them up - HUGE NUMBERS OF SPUDS. Mangetout are everywhere meaning that I've had all sorts of unusual recipes (best being chicken and mangetout korma!) and last night I found a broadbean recipe that was even moreish (risotto).

By the end of this season I'll have used all of the beds currently in productively. There's very little space left needing dealing with now. Over winter I'll finally finish the paths. I was worried about forgetting the PS broccoli then remembered that none of us will be there next April so it'll go to waste anyway. I did pick up some sprout seedlings this week, however.

The big news is that I've FINALLY got a good crop of parsnips. After paying for all sorts of seeds from different suppliers a 20p packet of netto seeds came good. Just goes to show.


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