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The weather this year has produced a surprise in the amount of produce I've had relatively early. I guess that for the past few weeks most of my vegetables have come from the allotment which is a big contrast to last year when hardly any did. The strawberries are actually finished which is odd.

I've been in touch with the council about dealing with the Eucalyptus (or whatever it is) which is being very badly behaved. I've finally got some yellow courgettes after them being etted last year. I've cracked the successional sowing and even remembered the brassicas. My early potatoes looked distressed a few weeks ago so I pulled them up - HUGE NUMBERS OF SPUDS. Mangetout are everywhere meaning that I've had all sorts of unusual recipes (best being chicken and mangetout korma!) and last night I found a broadbean recipe that was even moreish (risotto).

By the end of this season I'll have used all of the beds currently in productively. There's very little space left needing dealing with now. Over winter I'll finally finish the paths. I was worried about forgetting the PS broccoli then remembered that none of us will be there next April so it'll go to waste anyway. I did pick up some sprout seedlings this week, however.

The big news is that I've FINALLY got a good crop of parsnips. After paying for all sorts of seeds from different suppliers a 20p packet of netto seeds came good. Just goes to show.

Date: 2009-07-13 04:52 pm (UTC)
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want me to dig out a recipe for broad bean pesto? I remember thinjking it sounded, well, interesting!!

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